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Thank you for your order!  Below are some tips to help with Preparing your listing for professional photography:

  • Depersonalize - remove all personal items (such as family photos, personal effects, jewelry etc.) and place them out of view.

  • Declutter as much as possible. Put away keys, mail, laptops, tablets, toys, shoes, dishes, drying racks, appliances, clothing, etc. Any personal items or furniture that need to me moved should be removed PRIOR to the photographers arrival. **Due to liability insurance restrictions, our photographers are not allowed to move personal items or furniture**

  • Mop, vacuum and dust

  • Make all the beds, fluff pillows, and check bedskirts.

  • Turn on all lights and lamps around the home, and make sure all fans are turned OFF. Replace all burned out light bulbs and avoid using blue tinted bulbs as they negatively affect the color of your home in photographs.

  • Open all window blinds/shutters

  • Remove personal hygiene items from bathroom countertops and bath/showers. Make sure all toilet seats and lids are CLOSED.

  • Please make sure all pets are kept out of the way (outside or in a room not being photographed) and any pet dishes, toys, beds, cages are removed during photography.

  • Consider decorating your tables with you're prettiest place settings and putting fresh flowers around the home.

  • Please have all cars removed from the driveway and in front of the home. Make sure garage doors are closed.

  • Remove any garbage cans from the front of the home (put them on the side or in the garage). Also remove visible water hoses, tools, toys, bikes, etc. and store them out of view.

  • Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves, remove empty planters, etc.)

  • The photographer does not have time to wait while things are moved from room to room during the shoot. 

  • If the property is vacant, please make sure any alarm systems are disabled before the scheduled arrival.

  • ALL OF THESE ITEMS SHOULD BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE PHOTOGRAPHERS ARRIVAL. ***If the photographer arrives at the home and is unable to shoot due to the home not being ready a trip fee will be assessed. To avoid this please either have the home ready the day prior to the scheduled shoot or notify the photographer at least 24 hours in advance to postpone the shoot. Shoots scheduled on a Monday should be cancelled or postponed by Friday at noon***   Shoots cancelled or postponed with less than 24 hours notice (or by the previous Friday at noon for Monday shoots) will incur a late cancellation fee of 50% of scheduled services.

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